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Can love at first sight lead to a happy marriage?

Have you ever heard of the romantic stories that people tell about two people meeting for the first time in a crowded room or at a bar, and instantly acknowledging that they met the exact person they want to spend the rest of their lives with? Is it possible that these stories are just made-up fantasies that will never come true? So, can love at first sight lead to a successful marriage.


It is essential to emphasize that it is not necessary to feel an instant connection when first meeting a potential partner; this does not have any bearing on the potential for long-term marital happiness, according to licensed marriage and family therapist Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill. On the other hand, those who think they experienced love at first sight, should take into account that there is much more to their relationship than initial impressions and the spark of the feelings.


If you are curious about disclosing more about the love at first sight phenomenon and the possible connection of it with a successful marriage, then this blog post is just here to reveal the scientific explanation of this topic.



What is love at first sight? 

Love at first sight is a phenomenon that is characterized by intense longing and extreme physical attraction that occurs within just seconds of seeing another person. As an honorable and well-known therapist Dubrow states, when it comes to love at first sight, it is an instant bond one can feel with another individual. People often describe this as feeling a spark of feelings at that specific moment and nothing else matters. It is the feeling you never want to end as it is something you have not experienced before.


Dr. Paredes describes love at first sight as a “powerful, strong and intense electricity type of feeling“, which is the result of instant chemistry between two individuals. She characterizes it as an exciting experience and has heard from her patients that it can be comparable to being intoxicated – fully consumed by the emotion.


Those who have experienced love at first sight and wished for it to never end have articulated the feeling as “an immediate recognition of a person”. It may be upon seeing them from across the room at a gathering or meeting them when they join your workplace, or your friend bringing along a new acquaintance for an evening out. In this context, it is worth mentioning O’Neill’s saying, “It is an immediate reaction, usually first about the way a person looks, how they are dressed, their physical motions, their voice, and how they look at you. There is a feeling in one’s gut that there is something special about this person that you are instantly attracted to, and you sense quickly that they feel the same way.”



Can love at the first sight be real?

Is it possible to meet a new person and in just a couple of seconds or moments feel the intense attraction, intimacy, and desire to always spend time with that exact person? The short answer to this question is – YES, love at first sight is real!


This phenomenon is extremely romantic: two strangers meet each other in a crowded room and feel an intimate connection. In a world where dating often requires a lot of work and exerted efforts, that can eventually lead to disappointment, rejection, and uncertainty, falling in love at first sight has strong appeal.


A comprehensive study on love at first sight has been conducted by scientists in the Netherlands, with results demonstrating its existence in 2020. Surveys of the study were administered to roughly 400 men and ladies regarding their romantic interest in someone immediately after first encountering those individuals. This included indicating their agreement with the statement, “I am experiencing love at first sight with this person,” as well as reporting how physically attractive they found the person, and how much passion they felt. Data was collected through an online basis, face-to-face meetings, and pictures of potential partners in a laboratory.


Main characteristics of the love at first sight

The characteristics usually associated with love, such as intimacy, commitment, and passion, are typically extremely intense in the initial stages of a relationship based on love at first sight. These feelings are usually not reflected with the same degree of intensity as those with an established relationship between two people who have been in a long-term partnership. People in relationships often report higher levels of intimacy, commitment, and passion than those who have experienced love at first sight. However, love-at-first-sight encounters are more likely to foster these emotions than first meetings where no such feeling is reported.


So, scientific research supports the feeling of love at first sight. People do experience this feeling, but it is not necessarily “love” or “passion,” but rather a strong connection and attraction that encourages one to explore the possibilities of deepening a relationship. Love at first sight can occur more than once, and those moments that fail to get transferred into a lasting relationship may be forgotten. Nonetheless, when love at first sight leads to a successful and enduring relationship, it is often an amazing story. So, factually, love at first sight can lead to a marriage.



Can love at first sight lead to a successful and happy marriage? 

Although it is proven that love at first sight can potentially lead to a long-lasting marriage, the odds are against it. This is due to a variety of reasons that can cause shifts in the physical and sexual relationship between partners, such as having children, health concerns, and career ups and downs. These can result in periods of relationship time with little or no intimacy, or periods when couples simply are not on the same page.


The findings from the research indicate that a passionate connection between two people when they first become involved in a relationship is not sustainable. Couples who experienced “love at first sight” may struggle with the changing levels of intimacy over time.


If couples take the time to get to know each other well, after the initial spark of feelings caused by love at first sight before getting married, the relationship can turn into a long-lasting successful marriage. This could entail going out on dates (face-to-face or virtually), meanwhile getting involved in activities that combine both your interests and individual hobbies. Discuss both your short-term and long-term objectives, achievements, and fears with your partner. Additionally, consider how you see yourself and your relationship progressing in the next one and five years, respectively. The initial period of a relationship is known to last approximately six months; but as time passes, couples become aware of each other’s strengths, weaknesses, past issues, and many more essential details.


So, can love at first sight lead to a happy marriage?

Having a successful marriage is possible to attain as long as one can stay focused and not become overly consumed by the initial excitement of intimacy and passion. Despite the importance of a physical/sexual relationship in marriage, there are a number of more important aspects to take into thorough consideration. So, it requires other pieces of the “puzzle” to fit together as well. When two individuals come together under the spell of love at first sight, it may lead them to believe that all of the other components necessary for a successful marriage will just readily fall into place.


Maintaining a successful marriage takes more than just love. Healthy communication, intimacy, honesty, trust, and respecting your partner’s desires are all essential components in making a marriage last. These aspects of the relationship take time, effort, and dedication to foster, which is not something that can be accomplished simply by having an intense spark. If you are concerned about the main components of a healthy relationship, here it is.