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How to make your partner’s birthday so special?

“How to make my partner’s birthday special?” If this is something you’re curious about, then we have a surprise for you. With this blog, you will find many creative and fascinating ideas to make your partner’s birthday unforgettable.


Undoubtedly, your partner’s birthday is the day you should make him/her loved and special. You need to present your love, care, and kindness towards your loved one and make the birthday memorable. So, making it an unforgettable and out-of-this-world experience is something you want to do for him/her because you feel that he/she deserves it, and he/she does.


Celebrate your partner’s birthday in a way he/she will never forget! Make the day something special and unforgettable. If you’re out of ideas, we have the perfect plan for you. Keep reading to find out how to make your partner’s birthday one to remember for years to come.



1. Publish a wall magazine having your partner on a magazine cover

Have you ever imagined creating a wall magazine featuring your lovely partner as the cover story? Yes, this is something your partner’s heart would just melt. Make the birthday special by expressing your creativity through this unique gift, and allow your partner to be at the center of attention. Here are the steps to help you get started:

  • Firstly, you need to come up with a theme for the magazine cover. It can be your partner’s favorite sport, or maybe a hobby, a lovely movie, a fascinating country you both dream to visit, etc.
  • Distribute the theme of the magazine among his/her family members, friends, and all the near and dear ones and ask them to write their thoughts about him/her concerning the particular theme you have chosen.
  • You need to collect around 40 to 50 write-ups. These write-ups can be presented in various forms, including poems, scribbles, and quotes. If they are not prone to writing, then providing photos and paintings is also a good idea.
  • Collect all the presented materials in a big chart or maybe on drawing paper and decorate it. You can get the chart paper framed and put a transparent glass cover with beautiful wooden borders.
  • Now it is time to look for an interesting party hall to hang the magazine. Get the final preparations done for giving the gift to your loved person. Wait for the guests to join you and surprise him/her.


2. Take your partner on an adventure to make your partner’s birthday

Plan a thrilling day for your adventure-loving partner by booking a skydiving or bungee jumping activity with a nearby adventure provider. You can consider purchasing tickets to a later-date adventure or plan an invigorating hiking or trekking excursion on a local trail. If your loved partner is an adventure lover, then this idea would work perfectly.


Schedule a time for the birthday celebration that allows for a hike or trek with your partner. Not only will you be able to enjoy quality time together, but you can also capture some stunning photos to share on social media. If your partner has friends who are up for an adventure, why not make it a group adventure?


Spending a day at the theme park is an excellent way to have a lot of fun together. Thrilling roller coasters, exhilarating water rides, and plenty of opportunities for social media posts make this a perfect engaging activity.


If your partner is a biker, you can plan a romantic trip along his/her favorite bike route to surprise on his/her special day. Give the opportunity to enjoy a track day with a motorbike. Make it even more meaningful by ordering a cake in the shape of his/her favorite motorcycle.


If none of these activities appeal to your partner, why not take a short walk around the countryside? It’s a great way for you both to spend some quality time together. You can also tour your local area and check out any interesting places nearby.


3. Sad to happiness surprise

I gave my girlfriend a special surprise for her birthday that went from sad to happy – I called it a “Sad to Happy Surprise”. You may be wondering what that means, but it is a really interesting idea to choose!


I contacted my girlfriend the day before her birthday to inform her of the exciting plans I had for her. She was delighted, however, I had planned something really exciting yet “sad” for her. An hour before the birthday night, I called her to let her know I would not be able to come as I have some urgent issues. I knew she would get disappointed, but I had other plans in mind. Actually, I was waiting outside her apartment for a special surprise.


Right at 0:00, I called her to wish her a happy birthday and then said that it was all a joke. Afterward, I reassured her that the plans she made were still in place, causing her emotions to soar. You too can make your partner’s day even more special by doing something like this!


4. Make a surprise video for your partner

Making a surprise video is a fantastic idea. It is really surprising and emotionally triggering. To make it happen, you should reach out to your partner’s loved ones, including friends, family, and relatives. You have to ask his close ones to make a very short video for wishing him on his birthday. Try to collect as many video-wishes as you can. Then combine all the separately collected video clips into one single video.


Once all the preparations are complete, it’s time for the real celebration! On his special day, you can surprise him by sending a video to his WhatsApp, or even by email. Just imagine the excitement your lovely person will feel when seeing all his loved ones in one video, wishing him the happiest birthday wishes ever.


5. Throw your partner a surprise party

Organizing a surprise gathering for a person you love is always a fantastic idea. Invite the closest friends and family members, and bring them all to a restaurant to surprise your partner on his/her big day. Get him/her to the restaurant and have them all surprise him/her. You can even do this at home. Your effort of uniting all the dearest ones on his/her birthday will stay in his/her memory for many years.


Even if it was impossible to gather together all his/her loved ones at the last minute, there is a second alternative. With the ease of modern communication, it is simpler than ever to gather your lovely person’s friends and family from near and far to present their best wishes. Why not arrange a Zoom call with those who could not come physically? Choose a time that works for all people and surprise him/her by adding him/her to the call!


Undoubtedly, a surprise party will be a memory he/she cherishes for a very long time.


Birthdays are a time to celebrate and make your partner feel special and loved. But, sometimes it can be hard to come up with creative gift ideas or new ways to make their birthday extra special. So we discussed some ideas that will make your partner’s birthday so special that they’ll remember it for years to come.


In addition, don’t forget the importance of using a relationship app to keep your relationship strong, healthy and long lasting, by creating your private space, setting goals that you will achieve together, and adding reminders to make sure you never miss a special day.


So, start creating an epic birthday your partner won’t soon forget.