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What to talk about on the first date to spark a connection?

For couples, a first date is really essential. In this regard, you should thoroughly think about the topics to talk about. First dates can be fun and exciting. However, they can also trigger some discomfort and intimacy. The goal is to skip the last part as soon as possible, in order to fully enjoy the date. It is expected that you would like to do your best to keep the conversation alive. However, it is really important to keep the relevant quantity of topics to not turn the date into a job interview. On the first date you are meeting with someone who virtually you do not know anything about. So, let’s discover a couple of exciting topics to talk about on the first date.



1. Start a contextual conversation, but keep it basic

You should start the conversation from somewhere. Talking about some basic things is not a bad option to go for. Once you establish the connection, deeper discussions would naturally be established, as you would create some familiarity with your partner and would guide the conversation accordingly.


When you arrive on the date, start the conversation with some casual topics. For example, if your partner picked the restaurant or café you have met at, ask her what exactly she likes about it, maybe some dishes matched her gastronomic taste or maybe it is the atmosphere that is exciting for her. In case you have met at a bar or club, ask about what type of cocktails she likes, and what her go-to drink places are, and share your ones as well. You can also talk about your preferences regarding entertainment: be it tennis playing, skiing or something else.


After these basic thoughts sharing, the continuation of the thoughts and the conversation would flow naturally – the conversation can continue in the direction of talking about the difficulty (or maybe ease) of finding your preferred spot to be, or maybe toward the discussion on the preference to eat outdoors or at home. Here it is critical to notice and take into account what comes up, in order to ask follow-up questions and keep the date engaging.


Some people regard such kinds of conversations as not as important as “small talk’’. However, the key thing is that such kinds of questions allow you to engage with what your partner is talking about and to lean into any opportunity he/she presents to disclose unique details about both of you. So, such basic talks and disclosures create a fertile foundation to build meaningful and engaging conversations upon it. If you are curious about other topics to talk about on the first date you should keep reading.



2. Ask about what his/her day or week was about

Actually, this topic is a trap, as when asking such kind of questions, you immediately grasp what is top of mind for the person at that very moment. When discussing how the week is going, you would reveal what is spinning their wheels, understand what the current problems are, the dreams they are currently working on, or what pleasure creates a light in their life.


One of the major reasons why first dates feel to be a little awkward is because sometimes the conversation feels like an interview, where each person takes the turn to ask get-to-know questions.


Another thing worth mentioning is that whenever you ask the question and get the answer, try to always follow up on it so that you will reveal as much as possible. In other words, showing an interest in the ongoing situations is a great way to disclose the interests and/or concerns of him/her, meanwhile, making the conversation engaging.


3. Discuss your favorite Movies, TV shows, and Books

Speaking about your interests can astoundingly contribute to an atmosphere and to having a pleasant conversation. Undoubtedly, it will also help to get acquainted with that person thoroughly. Finding common interests or having discussions about different points of view will stimulate a deeper conversation. Are you a fan of “Marvel”? Then talk about what fascinates you in that genre. Be passionate to hear about his/her ideas and start to speak about specific TV shows, Books, or Movies. You can mention your favorite chapter or scene and state your opinion by bringing examples that have been profoundly influenced by your personal experience. You will be able to better understand the way of thinking of your partner due to his/her favorite projects. Additionally, you might connect fictional stories with your life and tell real stories that you faced which will help to further develop your conversation.


4. Talk about your ambitions

Talking about your plans will assist you to understand whether you and your partner will find a common ground or not. Where do you see yourself in the future? What do you prioritize? The answers to these questions are an astonishing way to know your partner better. Speak about your perspectives and dreams. It’s not required to only speak about your professional and career-oriented goals. It will be engrossing to speak about the little things that you are trying to achieve.

Do you want to play guitar? Do you want to learn a new language? Then speak about the purposes and motives you have related to your plans. It can also be admiring to speak about the accomplishments which you have already achieved. What’s your greatest accomplishment? Questions like this will help to acknowledge what your partner values the most. Speaking around this topic will effectively promote your conversation and make it both informative and engaging. So, this is one of the interesting topics to talk about on the first date to make the conversation engaging.



5. Ask how they feel about their job?

One of the most fascinating topics talk about on the first date is about your partner’s career. Speaking about a career choice is very beneficial to get acquainted with the person because the attitude towards his/her job can tell a lot about your date. This is a great way to state your opinion and give advice. Consequently, you can delve deep into details and ask about the advantages and disadvantages of his/her field. “What would you do if you didn’t choose that profession?”. Asking about alternatives will help you to be aware of other interests and preferences of your partner. Talking about your business ideas can bond you and your date together and contribute to having a stronger conversation by disclosing essential details about each other. In conclusion, talking about the job can be advantageous to know the other side of your partner and have a charming conversation.



6. Ask what things are they passionate about these days if you wanna choose an engaging topic to discuss on the first date?

If asking about childhood experiences seems too personal to speak about during the first date, then having a conversation about contemporary life is the most appropriate choice to go for. Talking about current evidence and circumstances will trigger a vigorous and remarkable conversation. As a consequence of talking about your passions, you let your partner know more about your character. Unquestionably, this will be a long-lasting conversation with diverse topics and will create a convenient atmosphere. You can ask questions related to Politics, Environment, Modern Technology, Industry, Art, etc. This is an incredible opportunity to have a very interesting conversation and obtain more information about your date.



7. Talking about what is going on in your world is another topic to go for

Touching upon such topics as your accomplishments and strong traits is not highly recommended. The most important part of the date is to present you in real life. Be frank and courageous in terms of showing what your life is actually like these days, highlighting both the good and bad aspects of it. In general, people enjoy being around people who are open and vulnerable. When meeting someone, regardless of the nature of the conversation, people enjoy the date, if they feel how convenient they feel with you. As a result, they want to open up as well. So, just be real, enjoy the date, and open up with your partner.


So, these are top seven topics to talk about on the first date if you are curious about sparking an immediate connection.