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Why is giving space to your partner essential?

Ensuring the opportunity of having space in a relationship is a vital requirement for every partner aspiring to have a healthy and happy relationship. Having your beloved partner by your side is associated with a great feeling of comfort and love. However, it is of pivotal importance to understand why space is essential to have a healthy relationship.


Sometimes people do not properly interpret the fact that “Partners need space”. Many people misunderstand the importance of space in a relationship. Specifically, when partners ask for space, it is mostly perceived as they are no longer interested in their second half. However, according to thorough studies, giving space to your partner leads to a long-lasting relationship.


In reality, space in a relationship does not affect the happy moments lived together. Both individuals in the relationship benefit from it since it prevents the bond from falling apart. A number of people complain that they lose their identity in case they stay apart from their partner. Here is why space is essential in a relationship.


So, space is essential in a relationship as it has an impact on strengthening it. Let’s disclose the main benefits of giving space to your partner and some key methods to give space to your lovely second half.


  • Healthier boundaries as a result of relationship space

One of the significantly important reasons why giving space in a relationship is crucial is because it allows the couple to have healthier boundaries. Importantly, the feeling of dependence will disappear and the sense of responsibility will dominate by contributing to a more resistant relationship. As a consequence, independent relationships will trigger the desire to meet frequently and create even better memories and moments.


  • Confide each other

Giving each other space also helps foster trust between partners. When someone has enough faith in you to give you some breathing room, they are essentially indicating that they have confidence that you won’t go off and do something irresponsible or hurtful while being apart from them. So, space is essential in a relationship as it can have an advantageous effect on conversations between couples as they will willingly tell about their daily routines.


  • Be happy with yourself

Each of us has our scope of interests. Undoubtedly, there are a number of activities and engaging moments you enjoy before getting into any relationship. Being in contact with your partner should never lead to the consequence of losing your identity, which entails who you are, what makes you happy, or who you always aspired to be. Unfortunately, being in an unhealthy relationship, where you would not have your own space might make you forget about the real “You”.


According to an honorable scientist Jalesa Tucker, lovers need to lead their independent life outside of their relationships. The main reason underlying this statement is that spending time with yourself allows you to discover your hidden self and your potential, which results in the bond growing stronger.


  • Dedicate your time on personal development

Possessing “me time” does not necessarily mean that your relationship is struggling. It can be an indicator that you both are getting concentrated on personal development. When working on your personal mental and physical development, you would feel confident in yourself and as a result would not feel intimidated by your partner’s success or achievements given the fact that you are also working on your ones.


  • Maintain Individuality

Having your personal space is directly related to positive consequences on your personality from various perspectives. Specifically, it will impact you both to grow as a person which consequently will improve relationships. During this period of self-reflection and exploration, each partner can come back to the relationship with new ideas and perspectives that can benefit them both. This helps keep the relationship fresh and alive.


Mentioning the advantages of giving space, it is worth considering the cause and effect of space on a couple’s relationship. Treating with understanding is essential for healthy relationships which will help to form thriving relations. Highlighting healthy relations should be noted that it is a key prerequisite for long-lasting relations. Remember that having your space in durable relations is possible due to respect.


  • Always make the next meeting with your partner highly awaited

You have probably noticed that when being alone and having space, you miss your partner more. The reason behind it is that you have enough time to think about your partner and reflect on your relationship tracks. In other words, space in a relationship triggers thinking about your partner and how much you both love each other.


As a result, it brings memories of exciting moments and, of course, increases the mutual feelings towards each other.


  • Stay loyal to “You” and never get lost in “Love” 

Being in love can often lead us to do things that are out of your character and even a bit crazy and nonsensical. Taking some time away from the relationship can help you when those moments of overwhelming passion, and embrace issues and challenges rationally. So, space allows you to remember yourself as an individual rather than just a partner.


  • Constantly being together can lead to some unnecessary problems 

In a relationship, it is not possible to agree with every choice made. Spending all of your time together can result in disagreements and even fights. Having some space between you and your partner, however, can help maintain respect and balance in order to prevent even small arguments from escalating into fights.


To sum up, as already discussed, it is important to give ourselves some space in relationships. Taking a step back and creating physical or mental space away from the other person, helps us better understand our emotions and needs. It allows us to process our thoughts and feelings more thoroughly, and this can be beneficial in understanding our own needs and appropriately dealing with them. When we create the necessary space in our relationships, we can gain clarity in the situation and make more resistant decisions, which will have an astonishing influence on relationships and make them thriving.



How to create space in your healthy relationship? 

It can be challenging to figure out how to balance relationships, but it is essential to provide each other with freedom. While this might seem complicated at times, giving each other space is influential for having a happy and healthy relationship. Once you comprehend the significance of independence in relationships, it will be easier to give each other space.


Communicate with your partner to create space

To build a healthy relationship, you and your partner should be honest and speak about your needs. Importantly, you both should understand the purpose and consequences of having a space. Talk to your partner about why, when, and how you need it. It is a chance for both of you to express the space you need from each other. Moreover, it should be highlighted that giving space is an ordinary thing and does no harm. It is important to respect your partner’s primary requests and understand that everyone needs some time for himself/herself.


Dedicate time for self-care and make your relationship boost

Although it’s essential to spend enough time with your partner, it is also important to make sure you’re spending sufficient time with yourself. Find activities that are pleasant for yourself and help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Maybe you want to take a peaceful walk in the mornings to practice mindfulness or read a book in peace instead of doing other activities with your partner that is not satisfying. You should not confuse this with selfishness and realize that it will benefit your relationship as you become a better partner.


Extend your support system

Keep in touch with your friends and continue to cultivate those relationships. Although we may not physically be able to frequently  meet with our friends and family, it is essential to keep up those relationships. Communicating with people is a great way to share your interests and develop yourself. There are people with whom you can be on the same page and speak about diverse topics, and interact with people from different fields, which will help you grow as an individual.


Think of small ways to create your space

You should always remember that space is essential in a relationship. So, if you and your partner do not have the opportunity to own personal physical space, there are still ways to create it. Consider putting in headphones to focus on yourself or your work. Or, what about going out to have a short walk? Another useful option would be to make a tasty dish, while your partner is busy doing another activity.